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The EASY EMPTY container is the only truly hands free self-dumping hopper on the market to date.  As the forklift operator tilts the mast just a few degrees forward, the EASY EMPTY Container will tip and the unique self-locking mechanism will release the door.  Simply tilt the mast back or lower the unit to the ground and the EASY EMPTY Container will reset and the door is locked.  Within seconds the EASY EMPTY Container is ready to go to work!  It’s just that easy!

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How It Works

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The Easy Empty Self Dumping Hopper is available from stock in sizes ranging from 3/4 Yard through 5 Yard.  Additional sizes and custom sizes are available to order.  This chart lists the standard sizes that are available and their dimensions.

The Orange Box EASY EMPTY Container can be ordered in custom configurations to suit your particular application.  The box sizes can be adjusted in height, length and width to fit into a specific space in your plant.  Also, as shown in the photo, hoods, covers and shields can be added for extra safety.  The box shown here is for scrap glass at a production facility.  The cover and screen keep the shards contained as the glass shatters when being thrown into the bin.